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Each of us is born with a talent, a natural ability, a gift bestowed upon us to make the world a better place. Life is also a journey where we often find what our true essence is, allowing us to become stronger and more fulfilled.

I realized a long time ago that I have a great passion for people, their cultures and traditions as well as creating with my hands. As a little girl, I loved using my hands to create pottery, adornments and small pastries. These creations brought joy to my family and thrilled friends as I used my ability to interpret ideas using various techniques throughout my work.

My studies in pharmaceutical sciences in my native Venezuela took me momentarily on a different path and allowed me to understand the power of what makes up our world, however stronger has been my want to be an Artist. This has brought me closer to what used to thrill me as a child and where I felt truly me, in the first instance, through jewelry design and then my work with Flowers.

I’ve heard said that flowers find you and draw you in, this certainly happened to me! My work has inspired me through the confidence and comfort I have felt in realizing my potential and my passion for life and the love for what my own life has become.

The happiness people feel as a result of my work is important to me as a Floral Designer. I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to live my dream and make special occasions that much more meaningful to others.


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Passion expressed from the heart
Flowers by Ro was created from our wish to listen to your ideas, thoughts and wishes and in this way seek to make sure that your special day or event is all that you had dreamed it would be. We love working with flowers and know that they bring joy and beauty to the spaces that they decorate.

We provide floral designs for weddings, get-togethers as well as all types of events and business meetings. We also consider differing budgets and will offer customized designs as per your requirements. Let us know what you are thinking so that we can soon work together.
A simple process will ensure that upon receipt of your contact details, we work seamlessly to send you our proposal for your consideration.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!
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